Returns Policy

All amulet returns should be pre-approved. Amulet serial numbers, order number and date of order will all be required along with an acceptable reason for return.

To facilitate return processing, all returns must meet criteria for one of the following designations. Credit amount and method of processing is dependent upon the reason for return. Descriptions of designations are listed below.

Not Authentic
Unwanted Amulet
Damaged in Transit
Not the correct Amulet

1, Not the correct Amulet. (Full credit, including freight charges.)
This return designation provides customers with the opportunity to return an amulet that was received due to an error on the part of Thai-Amulets.Com. We will correct the mistake otherwise a full refund including postage will be issued. You should contact us and request a return within 5 days of the date of delivery

a. Amulets inaccurately described also qualify for a full refund and we should be notified within 5 days of receipt. There are however a number of exceptions
b. The colour of amulets depicted on our website may not accurately reflect the actual colour but we do try our best. We do not accept returns based on the accuracy of colour reproduction.
c. The specified dates of an amulet (within a few years), Spelling of names and sizes are not acceptable as a reasons for a return or refund.
d. We are unable to offer refunds on amulet cases made from precious metals that we have been asked to purchase on your behalf.

2, Damaged in Transit (Full credit, including freight charges.)
Thai-Amulets.Com will issue full credit for amulet and freight incurred on all accepted damaged in transit returns. You must request a return within 5 days of the date of delivery

3. Unwanted Amulet (Credit Note / Partial Credit / not including freight charges.)
If you are not entirely happy with your purchase you may make a request to return the amulet to us. Although not obliged to accept the return we may choose to do so, in which case a credit note will be issued against a further purchase. We do not offer monetary refunds. The value of the credit note will vary but is typically based on a minimum 30% restocking charge less any postage costs. We must receive such requests within 5 days of receipt. The company will credit your account within 30 days

4. Not Authentic (full credit, including freight charges.)
You may request a Return at any time during the guarantee period of 6 months. All our amulets are guaranteed to be genuine. In the unlikely event that you consider this not to be the case, the amulet may be returned within the specified guarantee period of 6 months from date of purchase.

The amulet will be re-assessed with a competent organisation. If the claim is found to be genuine a full refund will be made. This may take anywhere between 1-2 weeks to complete. Please note that if the amulet is genuine a charge will be levied for the costs involved for a second appraisal, typically about 75.00 US Dollars Alternatively we welcome you to take the amulet for appraisal yourself to one of the following major authorities G-Pra, G-Amulet, DD-Pra, U-Amulet. We will respect any decision provided that you supply us with the original report and receipts.

IMPORTANT NOTE: We do not accept evidence of authenticity based on the comments of friends, other websites or competition entry disqualification.

Limitations of our Guarantee of Authenticity.
It is not possible to authenticate every amulet in existence. Many amulets are not accepted by acknowledged authorities simply because the society does not possess the requisite knowledge or enough evidence has been substantiated or widely accepted to allow a professional appraisal.

Under such circumstances we do not accept returns based upon authenticity and the sale is essentially considered final. However where it is not possible to secure reasonable evidence of authenticity we will consider offering a refund based on a credit note for future purchases.

Refunds/Credit Notes
Once your return is received and verified, we will credit you with a refund within 30 business days of receipt. Credit Notes will become effective immediately upon notification of receipt.

Return Shipments

Amulets should be shipped back to Thai-Amulets.Com in such a manner as to prevent damage. Amulets damaged in shipment will not receive credit.  The amulet should be shipped to the address provided by Customer Support at the time that the return authorisation is provided.

Authorised amulet returns are shipped at the customer’s expense. Thai-Amulets.Com does not allow for collect shipments on any returns.

We recommend that you use a reliable shipping method such as courier. We will not be responsible for lost or damaged amulets.