Pra Kru Neua Chin Wat Taalat Plu

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pra kru

This amulet is known as Phra Kru, Neua Chin, Wat Talaat Plu and covered in pure gold. These amulets are now rare but really beautiful and well worth collecting. They originally adorned a number of wooden panels within the old temple known as Wat Jantaram, located on Taothai road, Chonburi, Bangkopk. locally this temple has alwways been called Wat Taalat Plu. 

Note the grooves and colouring to the back of the amulets, signature marking where these amulets were originally fixed to the temple woodwork. Some are also punctured with nail holes.

It is not known who blessed these amulets but it was thought to be former abbot of the temple and are quite llikely a few hundred years old

In BE 2485 the old temple was demolished to make way for a new temple on the same site. These Buddha images were collected by the locals and it was not long after that miraculous events associated with these amukets were being reported.

It is believed that these amulets are of great purity (Wwisuti) and as such offer invincibility or Kong Krapan. So strong was this belief that they were ubnbelievably requisitioned by the Government who issued a circular requesting the return of the amulets to distribute to soldiers on the front line of the indochinese war.

After that the stories and accounts of the protectivbe qualities of these amulets increased considerably and ity is believed that saved countless lives.

Highly recomended.


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