Pra Kru Kampaeng Pim Met Má-Lêun

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Phra Kru Kampaeng Pim Met Ma Leun

These amulets are recovered from a sacred kru in Kampaengphet province and are quite rare. This ancient amulet (c.600 years)  is known as Kampaeng Met Má-Lêun. Casual observation may lead one to believe that this is Pra Nang Kleep Bua being very similarly shaped in the form of a lotus petal. Although easily confused they are not the same.

Closer inspection will reveal significant differences. The Kleep Bua pim generally does not have the same width in wings and is thinner. Both these are important identification markers. The Met Má-Lêun amulet is not only thicker but also has a swollen reverse which bulges out, absent in the Kleep Bua pim

Features Lord Buddha in the marawichai posture sitting on a small foundation referred to as “Taan Keet” This amulet can be found in a variety of colours ranging from white to red/brown. They are generally made from clay which is mixed with pollens, herbs and sedges. Colllectors believe that these amulets are filled with Buddha’s grace and are ideal for multiple blessings  

These sacred amulets are estimated to be about 600-700 hundred years old with a design and form which may not be familiar to the modern day amulet collector.

Other similar pims from this province  include  Pra Pim Met Kà-Nŭn (Jack Fruit) with a swollen appearnce resembling a jack fruit seed and Pra Pim Kleep Champa which resemble the petal of the Champa flower. Often collectors will substitute the Kampaeng Somkor pim for this amulet in a benjapakee collection. Although less expensive they are most certainly not inferior.

They originate from a number of temples within the province of kampaengphet. In fact the majority of pims come from a site known as  Thung-Sethi, located in the centre of old Nakon Chum. This example is most likely from Kru Wat Borom-Tâat

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