Phor Tan Mui – Pitda Nam Mon Kwai

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Pra Pitda Phor Tan Mui

Amongst all of the sacred amulets blessed by Phor Tan mui, his Pitda Nam Mon Kwai amulets are by far the most famous and thought by many to be the most powerful. These amulets were personally blessed by him for years, never asking the assistance of others to help in the sanctification. All the power emanating from these pims is the pure energy of this great monk.

The amulets were made of two particularly auspicious components, namely; Pong Patamang or Patamang powder and quite uniquely, buffaloes’ milk. Phor Tan Mui used the milk as a binding agent for the various sacred powders, in fact in preference to cows milk which he had stated would not provide the durability and strength.

Patamang Powder

Patamang Powder was the most famous of all his sacred powders, just in the same way that for example Pong Prai Guman powder is famously associated with Luang Phor Tim

However this is a very difficult and complicated powder to create, because of numerous spells that must be written with Dinsorpong (Thai chalks) onto a black board, which are then erased and the chalk dust collected.

This was a widely known technique used by LP Toh, Wat Praduchimplee. It takes a considerable amount of time to collect sufficient powder with which to actually create the amulets.

Numerous spells must be chanted to create this powder including

Napagung Pintu
Namo Buddhaya
Ongkarn Uthai
Maha Wai
Maha Mek

Phor Tan Mui is known to have increased this list substantially to ensure the efficacy of his amulets. Also included were spells such as this one in particular called “Ongkarn Prapatamung”.

“Ohm Ongkarn Prapatamung Tung Tair Gumnerd
Mi Sukda Dechochai Yomtoklong Ti Nai Bunlai Nun
Dut Duang Pra Suriyun Lair Mekfon
Dai Sangote Asongkai
Yom Wun Wai Tung Loka”

This sacred spell is been highly respected for the multiple blessings that it would bestow upon the worshipper such as protection from danger, charm and fortune.

Actually documentation notes that this spell in particular when used by a monk can provide the power of invisibility and the power to conquer evil. Having said that this power can only be realized effectively by those that practice strict Dharma.

Sacred Powder

Interestingly these Pra Pitda Nam Mon Kwai amulets were only given to men, for women Phor Tan Mui had created Pra Pratarnporn amulets which he has said would increase fortune and charm

These amulets are now very scarce and sourcing original examples is not easy. Those that do own them generally will not part with such treasured possessions.

Prices of these pims whilst still affordable have been climbing for years.

phor tan mui 1

Phor Tan Mui

Phor Tan Mui is without question one of the most famous monks to have originated from Nakhon Sri Thammarat, the province probably best known for the Jatukam amulets.

A highly respected for his dedication, sacred power and Dhamma. Even the former prime minister, Marshal Plak Pibulsongkram is known to have held him in particular high regard.

He assigned him a special role within Thai society teaching Dharma to those incarcerated, hoping that religious education would assist in the rehabilitation process..


Phor Tan Mui was born on April 4th ,B.E.2442, in Pakpanung District, Nakon Sri Thamarat Province, and was ordained at Wat Paragam Nua, on July 5th, B.E.2462, then aged 20..

He spent an extensive amount of time in pilgrimage in deep jungle to meditate and learn sacred sciences from other monks..

Amongst his many sacred teachers were Ajahn Jerd and Ajahn Sak, two sacred monks of Wat Tum Khaoplu, Chumporn Province, both specialized in high level meditation..

He is also known to have accompanied Luang Phor Song, Wat Jaofa Salaloi, on such extended pilgrimage to several provinces including Prachap Kiri Khan, Petchburi and Rachburi for several years.

Moreover he also learnt sacred Thai traditional medicine and became highly knowledgeable about ancient Thai medicinal plants. Attested by the many people he is known to have cured from a multitude of ailments. Phor Tan Mui would never accept cash donations or indeed any other form of payment. Many of the precious items donated were always immediately donated to charitable causes and those in need. As a monk he observed the moral precepts devoutly, made merit and practiced generosity at every opportunity.

With such high standards of discipline and a pure soul, attention quickly followed. It was obvious to almost anyone that had the opportunity to meet this great monk that he held had no worldly desires only an insatiable determination to help others. It was also clear that what he had learnt as a monk was being applied and practiced to the fullest extent of his ability.

Even today, although having passed away decades ago his spirit is still sought and praised by many of highly respectful visitors to the temple where his body is held on display.


Phor Tan Mui had created many kinds of sacred amulets such as Pra Pitda, sacred mouth amulets (luk-om), Pah Yant, Pra Pong (sacred powder amulets), etc. His amulets originated from two temples namely; Wat Paragam Nua and Wat Bang Bucha as he divided his time between the two locations.

Phor Tan Mui passed away on May 22nd, B.E.2535, aged 93 years and having served the Buddhist faith for 73 years

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