Our Guarantee and Pledge

All purchases through this website will be accompanied by full documentation and receipts.

Collecting Thai amulets can be a very engaging hobby and a fulfilling pastime, but unfortunately its a market dominated by fake products. We want every customer to be assured that any amulet sold by Thai-Amulets.Com is original and authentic. For that reason almost every amulet purchased through this website carries a 6 month Guarantee of Authenticity. In addition many can optionally be supplied with an independent Certificate of Authenticity. Our guarantee period is considerably longer than the industry standard of 14 days.

If an amulet covered by the guarantee is found not to be entirely authentic during the guarantee period, it may be returned for a full and complete refund. This is a no quibbles guarantee and to that end we have fully automated the process to ensure transparency throughout. Please be sure to read our full Terms and Conditions of business and in particular our Returns Policy for more detail about this guarantee and any limitation. When requested to provide an optional certificate it will be done so through a leading society. Such certificates not only provide peace of mind but also qualify your purchase if you decide to resell at a later date.


TO conduct ourselves in a professional manner and perform competently at all times.

TO deserve the patronage of the amulet community by rendering service based upon the highest standards of truth and honour. Only selling amulets known to be 100% genuine.

TO earn, establish and maintain a reputation for giving maximum values at a fair price.

TO render prompt and efficient service to our customers.

TO adjust promptly any cause of dissatisfaction and endeavor to make every purchaser a satisfied customer.

TO advise every customer in regard to each purchase as we would wish to be advised were we the purchaser.

TO make every amulet sale a stone in the foundation of CONFIDENCE, without which no business can be permanently successful.

We are 100% committed to customer satisfaction and fair business practice. If a problem should develop for whatever reason we will do all within our power to resolve issues ami