Tiger Amulets – Luang Phor Parn

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lp parn wat bang hia

LP Parn was born in BE 2368 in Tambon Klong Dan. As a young lad he was accepted as a novice monk at Wat Arun, Bangkok where he studied Dhama and Kom to a reasonable proficiency before returning home to help his parents on the family farm.

At the age of 20 he returned to Wat Arun to be ordained a monk. and studied diligently under many Buddhist preceptors and is known to have excelled in meditation.

At a later date he moved to Wat Bang Hia, Amphur Bang Bo where he continued to study and was noted for his strict adherence to Lord Buddhas Dhama. In fact the Abbot gave him the responsibility of taking care of and educating the young novice monks.

2nd Generation Pims

From this temple he travelled into the surrounding forests and jungles to practice higher level meditation which also presented him the opportunity to learn many occult sciences (witayakom) from some very well known ascetics, including Aakom, Saiyasat (black magic) and Wetmon (incantation/spells) from Ajahn Nan, in short the specialised knowledge with which to create amulets.

Having become proficient and knowledgeable in many disciplines, he was the first choice to take up the position of Abbot at Wat Bang Hia when it became vaccant.

Whilst practicing in the style of an ascetic monk from the austere forest tradition,(Tudong) spending prolonged periods of time in forests and jungles to practice meditation he by chance met Luang Phor Wat Grabok, Rayong province. They jointly decided to go and learn incantations for tiger magic from Ajahn Tee, and also Ajahn Nan both who were widely known as highly proficient in this science.

Tiger Amulet Wat Bang Hia

This in itself was not an easy task as being accepted as a student required that certain tests be passed to determine suitability, tests that involved wild tigers that must be called into the monks presence. In fact Luang Phor Parn passed the test whilst his companion decided that he was not suited and declined to continue finding fame in other sciences.

Luang Phor Parn was described as possessing Miraculous Magic or Aakom Klang due in part to his highly developed meditative powers. In fact it was widely believed that his powers increased exponentially during the period of the waxing moon and he possessed the ability to transfigure taking on the form of a snake.

As he had studied this highly specialised branch of magic he began to use that knowledge to create tiger amulets initially for local villagers

Wat Bang Hia

In former times fresh water tributaries originating from Bpaet Liw would pass  through the jungles that surrounded the temple on their way to the ocean at Samut Prakan. However at high tide the currents would often reverse with salt water salt flowing in land and contaminating fresh water sources. This natural phenomena was the cause severe hardship for many local farmers that depended on water to irtrgate crops. Not only that the irrigation channels  became invested with crocodile.

The temple which sat on a major canal, Klong Baang, was responsible for maintaining an important flood gate. Dissatisfied locals blamed the temple for poor maintenance and used the derogatory term/expression ”hia” or Wat Klong Baang Hia, which lierally translated means something akin to ”Damn Temple”.

In fact in the year BE 2443 the gate failed completely and such was the seriousness of this calamity that it was brought to the attention of King Chulalongkorn who as a resuilt decided to personally visit and inspect the site himself where he remained for three days whilst the repair work was undertaken and to preside over the opening ceremony.

This extended stay presented an opportuinity for the people to express gratitude. Luang Phor Parn created a specially engraved tiger tooth amulet which he offered as a gift to His Majesty.

His Majesty described Luang Phor Parn as an extraordinary monk , a monk that had already been enlightened having reached the status of an arahant

The Tiger Amulet And Its Significance

Luang Phor Parn was was once asked what is the significance of the Tiger Tooth amulet, and in what way it was meanigful. He replied,

”Frequently I would go to the Jungles to pratice meditation, and it was during these times that I encountered many large tigers and often had the opportunity to observe this majestic creature in its natural habitat and in particular its agility, intelligence and last but not least power. I would watch as other animals were seemingly hypnotized by this beast, surrendering to an unseen force.

Through my amulets I impart these characteristics, bringing powerful strength of character, resolution and determination to succeed in accomplishments. In fact the very same traits that dsitinguish the tiger.”

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