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khun Paen LP An

Luang Por An Kantharo, Wat Phra Yatikaram, Ayutthaya.

He was born on Monday, September 12, BE 2435. His father was Mr. Klai Supasook, and his mother was Mrs. Somboon Supasook. His birthplace was Ban Tha Hin, Thanu Subdistrict, Uthai District, Ayutthaya. He had a total of seven siblings (excluding himself, who was the second child). However, we will skip the details about his siblings and only mention his younger sister, Mrs. Him Chantanin, who is noteworthy for being the mother of Somdej Phra Maha Theerajarn (Niyom Thannissaro) of Wat Chanasongkram, who has been mentioned several times.

Regarding his early life, there is no need to repeat what has already been detailed earlier. Let’s move directly to his ordination as a monk. Luang Por An was ordained at the Ubosot of Wat Phra Yatikaram on June 26, BE 2456, with Luang Por Klan Dhammachoti as his preceptor, Luang Por Chai Kongkasuwanno (then holding the title Phra Khru Rattanapirom of Wat Tongpu) as his instructor, and another monk, whose name is not clearly recorded, likely Phra Ajahn Rod Viduro of Wat Ayothaya or Luang Por Lueng of Wat Pradutongtham, as his assistant instructor. He received the monastic name Khundharo.

He flourished in Buddhism, and after his preceptor’s death in BE 2477, he became the abbot, using the title Phra Athikan An. In BE 2478, he was appointed head monk of Hantra Subdistrict, continuing to use the title Phra Athikan An. Two years later, in BE 2480, he was appointed as a preceptor, authorized to ordain new monks in his jurisdiction.

There is a notable story about his time as a preceptor. Before his appointment, he was called for training at Wat Suwandararam, with Phra Srisuthammamuni (Arj Asapho), later known as Somdej Phra Buddhajarn, as the main instructor. During training, Phra Srisuthammamuni, a scholar of Pali, insisted that Luang Por An recite Pali with the same Magadhi accent he used. Despite Luang Por An’s efforts, he couldn’t match the accent, leading to a heated exchange where Luang Por An retorted that he was from central Thailand and couldn’t mimic the northeastern accent of Phra Srisuthammamuni, resulting in an abrupt end to the training session.

Luang Phor An

Additionally, it should be mentioned that during his time in Ayutthaya, Phra Srisuthammamuni had conflicts with several senior monks, particularly Phra Suwannawimolsil (Lub), the abbot of Wat Suwandararam, which led to Lub’s resignation and subsequent return to Wat Bandai Chang. Phra Srisuthammamuni then succeeded him and later became Phra Dhamma Trilokajarn, eventually returning to Wat Mahathat and rising to the titles of Phra Pimoldhamma and Somdej Phra Buddhajarn.

Another monk, Luang Por Petch of Wat Nonsee, also resigned but was persuaded to stay by Phra Srisuthammamuni, who required him to gather signatures from local villagers before approving his resignation. Ultimately, Luang Por Petch couldn’t gather a single signature and remained in his position.

Regarding his ecclesiastical titles, Luang Por An was granted the title Phra Khru Silakittikhun in 1950, which brought great joy to his followers. They organized a celebratory event in March 1951, during which Luang Por An created his first commemorative coin, distributing it to donors who contributed to the event.


In BE 2496, Luang Por An made another version of the coin, differing from the first in that the new coin had decorative patterns near the right and left knees on the front. The back of the coin was inscribed with the year BE 2496. In BE 2509, he held a celebration for a new school building (Wat Phra Yat School) and produced a third version of the coin, shaped like a Sema leaf.

It’s worth noting that in BE 2511, another version of the Sema coin was made because Luang Por An chaired a fundraising effort for the monks’ hospital building at Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya Hospital. This version had a clearly marked purpose on the back. (The coins with a stamped code on the front were a similar design created by Luang Por Chalerm in BE 2512.)

Luang Por An created four different versions of his commemorative coin during his lifetime. Besides these, other coins were made by his successor, Luang Por Chalerm (Phra Khru Sangharak Chalerm Khemetaso), and various monks and committees from other temples such as Wat Sakae, Wat Prannok, Wat Lum, Wat Pho Sao Han, Wat Nong Nam Som, and Wat Khok Mayom. All versions of these coins are widely popular.

After creating the commemorative coin for the monks’ hospital building, Luang Por An unexpectedly passed away in Chiang Mai on January 13, BE 2512, due to a sudden heart attack while attending a Buddhist consecration ceremony at Wat Phra Singh. His body was kept at Wat Phra Yat for 25 years until his disciples and relatives held a royal cremation ceremony in BE 2536

Luang Phor Klan, Wat Phra Yatikaram, Ayutthaya.

Luang Phor An the former abbot of Wat Prayatikaram, Ayudhaya Province, was without doubt the most distinguished devotee of Luang Phor Glaan, the sacred abbot of the temple, famous for his sacred sciences and amulets.

Whilst Luang Por klaan was still alive, he would always appoint Luang Phor An to oversee the production of the amulets and after the amulets, which were finally blessed by Luang Phor Klan himself.

After Luang Por Klan had passed away, Luang Por An himself commanded much respect from the people as the natural successor to LP Klan.

He created many amulets, having learnt the art from LP Klan. Probably his most famous of all was his Phra Khun Paen Klurb, the amulet featured here. It is said that many high ranking officials sought his amulets due to the unique power to attract women.

Luang Phor Klan

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