Somdej BE 2517 – LP Toh, Wat Praduchimple

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Pra somdej wat praduchimplee

This is the 4th (last) in a series of Phra Somdej amulets that were made of lead by Mr Kijja Vajasaj. All his amulets were donated to LP Toh who then recited the sacred spell for the amulets on October 4, B.E.2517. A total of 2,517 amulets were consecrated, divided into 3 groups.

The first group was the big-size comprising of 1,000 amulets, however the mould was broken because of too much heat, as a result the right side of the amulet had a crack/fracture line which could be easily seen.

The second group was called the big-head amulets and for in general they appeared very similar if not identical to the first group. Once again this batch was plagued with manufacturing problems and they were cast too thin and were easily broken. Only a few were made.

The third group was called “Pim-oke-rong”, this group was made to replace the second group. It is not known the exact quantity that were produced, but it was known that of 2,517 amulets were produced in total.

All the series of Phra Somdej amulets which were created during B.E. 2514-B.E.2517 had no endorsement of LP Toh’s name on them.

Later the temple’s committee had endorsed the name onto the amulets to prevent any copies. But this action unfortunately disappointed the two creators of the amulets which resulted in the later creation of a new series of amulets called Phra Pidta Pim Kaotoktak, which was also made of lead. On this occassion they did not donate the amulets to LP Toh but to the temple directly.

ome of the this series of Phra Somdej amulets were endorsed with the sacred spell “Na” and “Tri-nisinghe” on the back by Mr.Tiradharma and Mr.Kijja, both whom were trained by LP Toh to endorse the spells. Most of the amulets were not endorsed with the sacred spells.
What was most important was that LP Toh was determined to help the worshippers own sacred amulets and as such he had dedicated much of his time to recite the sacred spell for the amulets to ensure that were magic power that could help calling good fortune, saving lives, etc.

Background information:- Other Series

2nd series: 300 pieces amulets were presented to LP Toh in December B.E.2516, all the amulets were made of lead without any mercury mixing.

3rd series: 325 amulets were presented to LP Toh in January B.E.2517, all the amulets were made of lead mixed with mercury and one of them was given to Mr. Tiradharma, while the other 324 amulets were donated to the temple’s committee.

Mr.Kijja’s creation of LP Toh’s amulets

In B.E.2509, Mr.Kijja,who was an instructor at Bansomdejchaopraya Teacher College, and was responsible for the cration of the Phra Pidta (or Phra-kwampati) and Phra Pidtwara amulets. A total of 227 amulets were made, some were given to the followers of LP Toh and LP Pol of Wat Nung and some were kept by Mr.Kijja himself.

All the amulets were made of sacred powder of the leafs of plants that were used to sprinkle sacred water during the sacred ceremonies

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