LP Pak of Wat Bost, Angtong

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lp pak wat bost

Luang Por Pak of Wat Bot, one refers to a revered monk from Ang Thong province, known widely for his spiritual prowess and respected by many. His most renowned amulet is the “Bia Gae” (cowrie shell charm).

Early Life and Ordination

Luang Por Pak was born in BE 2425 in Tha Makham village, Don Pru subdistrict, Wiset Chai Chan district (currently under Si Prachan district, Suphanburi province). His father was named Thomya, and his mother was named Phuk. As a child, his father took him to study with Luang Pu Thuean at Wat Luang in Yi Lon subdistrict, Ang Thong, where he learned to read and write.

At the age of 20, in BE 2445, Luang Por Pak was ordained at Wat Oi, Wiset Chai Chan district, with Luang Pu Thuean as his preceptor. Following his ordination, he accompanied his elder brother, Phra Rattanamuni, to Wat Hong in Bangkok to study scriptures and Vipassana meditation under Phra Ajahn Uth for nine years, becoming proficient in both.

Leadership at Wat Bot

In BE 2454, following the passing of Luang Pu Net, the abbot of Wat Bot, villagers from Ob Thom and Khok Chan invited Luang Por Pak to reside at Wat Bot. By BE 2455, he was appointed the abbot. Luang Por Pak had several teachers, including his brother, Ajahn Wat, a former prominent bandit turned monk who taught him various mystical arts like invisibility.

Another significant teacher was Luang Pu Boon from Phichit province, who imparted knowledge on consecrating tiger fangs, elephant tusks, and other mystical arts. Luang Por Pak later created numerous amulets, such as Buddha images and medallions in gold, silver, and bronze, which are rare and valuable.

Renowned Amulets and Charms

Among his famous talismans were the carved ivory lions, which were believed to protect and scatter cattle herds. His Takrut (metal scroll amulets) were known for their versatility, offering invulnerability, charm, authority, or escape from enemies depending on how they were used. The carved ivory drums he created were particularly popular among performers for their charm-inducing properties.

The Bia Gae Amulet

Luang Por Pak’s Bia Gae amulets are highly regarded in Ang Thong. Crafted with intricate rope weaving or encased in lead, these charms were designed to be worn for protection against black magic, poisons, and evil spirits, ensuring safety and invulnerability. The woven rope Bia Kae are more common than the lead-encased versions, which are rarer and more valuable. Expertise is required to authenticate these charms due to the presence of imitations.


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