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Greatest Love Amulets Sacralised – Past & Present
Article by Yanisar


Please note that the thoughts expressed in this particular article are personal opinion and not necessarily fact unless otherwise stated

Browse the internet and you will find thousands of amulets all claiming to be powerful love charms, but the reality is quite different to the rhetoric Whilst I am sure many indeed are genuine the obvious question is to what extent and what if any are the common denominators

We are interested in the most efficacious amulets and to get any kind of  perspective on what constitutes a great amulet or the validity of the claims we need to go back in time when commercialism was not such a determining factor and where we can reliably place a greater emphasis on historical data.

The purpose of this article is not to refute the claimed power of any amulet, that is for the individual to decide, but we are interested in the parameters that could help in the assessment process and those amulets that are genuinely recognized  as true “Love Amulets” that is to coin a contemporary phrase which in itself is very ambiguous to say the least. The truth is  that most of the proven love amulets are based on a select few sacred sciences with the arcane ‘Charm” magic  Maha Sanae being the most predominant. In most cases the term “love amulet” encompasses a lot more than opposite sex attraction.

Intuitively it would be my guess that many purchasing decisions are based on  aesthetics and  marketing  rather than actual efficacy and that may ineed be true, but  one thing experience has taught me on numerous occasions,  sometimes you accidentally get it right with little known monks and ajahns , so for sure I am not here to judge.

Essentially I am interested to find and  evaluate common strands whether it be composition, siyasat, monk, lineage, data, etc etc. Whilst this may not be entirely accurate or  empircal  it may allow us to make slightly better informed choices. As originally stated this article is simply a reflection of my personal thoughts and whether any of the information contained herein is of value would be for you to determine.

My thoughts on this subject are tainted by personal experience, limits of knowledge and preferences. I certainly do not profess to be an expert on this subject but take pleasure sharing some of what I do know and 30 years experience in collecting amulets with those that may have an interest to listen.

Actually anyone that professes to be an expert in Thai amulets is full of bullshit. Even the most highly experienced and knowledgeable collectors in Thailand ( known as “Sian”) are in the most part only expert in their field of interest whether that be certain monks, types of amulet etc etc. It is fact that  experienced collectors may have a significantly broader knowledge base. make fewer mistakes, but by no means can anyone claim to be an expert on the entire subject. Talking about the amulet experts “Sian Pra” as they are known, I hold my own very controversial views, and will comit those to an article later. Please subscribe to the mailing list and you will be notified as soon as new articles are published. I try to write where possible original content that is educational (in plain english without  the crap and the hype) and as such some of what i publish may be of interest.

As a side note it is always my advice to new collectors to try and contain themselves to a limited area of interest, for example amulets blessed by a particular monk. This way you build up genuine expertise in the least amount of time. Rush off in all directions ( we all do it, myself included)  it always ends up as a costly mistake. My personal expertise, is Luang Phor Daeng, and then only his powder based amulets.

Where to start?, no easy answer to that question, so lets just jump in and take a look at some of the better known and factually proven “Love Amulets” from the past in no particular order. Yes you would be correct I do not have any agenda, answers or conclusions at this point, I will simply see where all this leads! The initial list below and associated articles will gradually expand over the coming weeks and months, so check back often.

The Greatest Love Amulets From The Past

Pra Somdej, Neua Pong Bailarn Pasom See Peung Kieow

Luang Phor Thap,Wat Krabok & Luang Phor Tim  – Wat Laharai

A classic love amulet created by LP Taap, Wat Krabok and LP Tim, Wat Lahanrai

Pra Somdej, Wat Krabok

Prta Somdej, Ok Rong, Neua Bailan Pasom See Pheung
LP Thap & LP Tim, Wat Krabok BE 2505

Under Construction


Luang Phor Nai,Wat Ban Jaeng Ayutthaya

A Love Talisman - LP Nai, Wat Ban Jaeng

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