Khun Paen – Wat Ban Krang

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khun Paen Kru Ban Krang

Wat Ban Krang, located in Ban Krang Subdistrict, Si Prachan District, Suphan Buri Province, is situated on the west bank of the Suphan River (Tha Chin River). This ancient temple, believed to be around 400 years old, was built during the Ayutthaya period. It is renowned for the discovery of Phra Khun Phaen Ban Krang amulets.

Phra Khun Phaen from Wat Ban Krang is made of Ayutthaya-style baked clay. It is believed that after the royal battle between King Naresuan the Great and the Crown Prince of Burma, the returning army camped along the banks of the Suphan River. King Naresuan ordered the soldiers to create 84,000 amulets, which were then enshrined in Wat Ban Krang to dedicate merit to the soldiers who had died in battle.
It is also home to the legend of the great warrior Khun Paen, thought to have originated in the period BE 2034-2072, during the reign oif King Rama Dhibodii II. This is the reason that a sacred amulet first discovered at Wat Bang Krang, which was to become one of the most popular pims in Thailand, was given the name Phra Khun Paen.

Phra Kru Wat Ban Krang amulets were discovered around BE 2447 from a stupa behind the old vihara in Wat Ban Krang. It is said that when the amulets were newly unearthed, the monks and villagers placed the numerous amulets of various types under a large Bodhi tree near the vihara.

It was recorded there were a total of 20 different variants, mostly distinguished by facial features, for example;

Pim Na Yak(giant face)

Pim Na Devada (fairy face) with single roof

Pim Na Devada(fairy face) with double roof

Pim Sian Tor(big head Buddha Image)

Pim Na Gae(old face)

Pim Na Russi(ascetic)

Pim Na Noom(young face)

Pim Na Yao(long face)

Pim Na Yao Sam Kid (long face with three lines)

Pim Na Klom( round face)

Pim Kao Soong(high knee)

Pim Ok Krut (Garuda breast)

Pim Ok Lek (Small Chest)

Pim Na Mongkol Yai ( auspicious face) (big size)

Pim Na Mongkol Klang ( auspicious face) (medium size)

Pim Na Mongkol Lek ( auspicious face) (small size)

Pim Song Pang (two-style Buddha Images)

Regarding the Phra Khun Phaen amulets of the Samathi or Pim Yai from the Ban Krang Temple in Si Prachan, Suphan Buri Province, these are baked clay amulets characterized by a rough interior with a considerable amount of sand. They are one of several styles from the Ban Krang Temple, featuring the craftsmanship of the Ayutthaya period, and were created no more than 700 years ago.

The Phra Khun Phaen amulets of the Large Figure type are housed within a bell-shaped arch, depicting the Buddha in a meditation posture, exuding grace and majesty. They are considered “the ultimate warrior amulets” and are among the most valuable from the Ban Krang Temple. In these amulets, the Buddha’s head does not touch the arch. The hair curls in a crescent moon shape, the nose is broad and thick, the mouth is curved and prominent, and the eyes are round. The robe (Sanghati) has a forked end resembling a swallow’s tail. The Buddha’s wide lap shows the edges of the robe, with two lines at the knees and ankles.

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