Luang Por Hok – Pra Gradook Pee

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Luang Phor Hok Pims – Wat Tha Kham, Songkhla

I have seen a few accounts of this amulet that claim that LP Hok used the bones from 108 criminals, this is simply nonsense, and clearly the original author either had some difficulty in translation or has a vivid imagination.

Luang Por Hok studied many sacred sciences over a considerable period of time  whilst at the same time collecting and creating many sacred powders.  It was his wish to create a very special series of amulets, to help those that worshipped at his temple and poor villagers.

In B.E.2509, he created his first generation Gradook Pee (ghost powder) amulets which were designed in the form of Pang Leela, or the walking Buddha Image with sacred yant to the back

Luang Phor Hok

The materials he used to create these amulets consisted of

-Gradook Pee or Bones of the dead collected from 108 cemeteries. He limited himself to four corpses per graveyard and only those that had passed away on Saturday and cremated on Tuesday

– Luang Por Hok’s special sacred powder, Pong Wahn

All bones were ground into powder and formed the main bulk of the material to create these amulets. Luang Por Hok had said that he wanted to give those that had departed an opportunity to increase merit by helping those in need, although this was only possible through his ability to control the spirits through Katha Arkom or incantation.

Luang Phor Hok a highly respected monk of Songkla Province received a good deal of welcome assistance from students and villagers to grind the bones to a powder. This was mixed with his own sacred powders that he had collected over decades, specifically for the purpose of creating amulets.

Actually these amulets were hand pressed one at a time by Luang Phor Hok himself. It is generally believed that these amulets offer powerful spiritual guidance and protection and are often associated with charm, luck and fortune.

2nd Generation Pims

Luang Por Hok believed that the souls of the deceased wish to gain merit that could lead to a more desirable rebirth, which in effect would bring them closer to enlightenment. It was for this reason that he created his now famous generation 1 and generation 2  Kradook Pee amulets or Ghost Powder amulets.

The first version amulet was so successful that a high demand existed for more pims and as such the second version was created, the composition of which was identical to that of the first, bones from the deceased and LP Hoks sacred powder Pong Wahn. The 2nd generation pims featured Lord Buddha to the amulet face and scared yant along with the temple name to the reverse.

Phra Pong 108 – LP Hok, 5th generation,
Wat Tha Kham, Khuan Niang District, Songkhla 

Sacred Katha

Sacred Katha used with both generation pims:

A Say Sa Ti
Tanu Jay Na
Sup Pay Tay Jora
Manus Lair Suttoo Tung Lai
Nun Ja Pukka Pukka
Vi Junna Vi Junna
Lo Mung Ma May
Na Bud Sunti

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