Pra Somdej Ok Rong, Wat Krabok, Rayong BE 2505
One Monks Power & Another Monks Magic

It would be my guess that the younger generation of collectors know considerably more than I do about modern day iconography and the latest fancy designs. But what I can tell you for sure is that the amulet that I am about to introduce is a genuine classic with few other amulets surpassing its power including most modern days amulets. This pim is unquestionably one of the greatest proven  love amulets ever created and whatsmore  the unusual thing is that it is a Somdej pim.

This is the ultimate amulet for  charm, mercy, popularity, attraction – whoever possesses it is extremely cherished

Metta Mahaniyom. (kindness or respect shown to you by the people around you, including your superiors or colleagues)
Maha Sanae (charm and opposite sex attraction)

Understand that in times past, an amulet such as this was not created specifically for the puposes of opposite sex attarction or as a “Love Amulet”, that is a modern day expression. Rather it was created to bestow multiple blessings upon the worshipper which in this case when combined result in an extreme efficacy. To understand why that is so we need to look at how and by whom it was created.  We can then appreciate why this pim is inherently unique and its status. as one of the truly great love amulets is well deserved.

One advanatage that older generation amulets have over their modern counterparts is access to the public dataset of shared knowledge and experiences over a considerable period of time. I can assure you that this and the other pims in the same series have distinguished themselves over decades and attributed with literally hundreds if not thousands of individual blessings  . It would appear that those worshippers that have sufficiently strong faith will be rewared.

This amulet is the ultimate combination of  one monks power and another monks great magic to essentially  create a sacred object exponentially more powerful than either of the two sacred sciences combined.


Seldom has the same degree of culminative efficacy been replicated. This in part is due to  exact mastery of sacred sciences and magic along with higher level meditative powers   However it is  clear that other intangibles had contributed, one of which was the known dedication and perseverence in the preparation  of  sacred powders  and scared green bees wax so unique that even today the  knowledge and skill to create it is in the hands of but a few select disciples,who act as dedicated caretakers of  an ancient occult wisdom and knowledge

Wat Krabok BE 2505

Luang Phor Tim helped bless a number of amulets created by Luang Phor Thap,many of which are today well known as powerful love amulets This particular series was blessed in BE 2505 and consisted of a variety of pims with the most popular being Pra Somdej (Pim Yai & Pim Lek), Khun Paen and LP Thuad

Ajahn Bpatom Aat Sakon was appointed consultant to help create many of the sacred powders used in the amulet

1.     Auspicious old powders collected by Luang Phor Thap during his lifetime
2.     Sacred powders donated by Luang Phor Tim
3.     Pong Pot Mang and Phong Itijay, donated by Ajahn Bpatom Aat Sakon
4.     Old Bailarn powder from LP Thap
5.     Sacred powders donated by LP Bunmee Wat Pan Sampan Chonburi
6.     Auspicious soils collected by LP Thap
7.     Pasom See Pheung Kieow (Charming Wax)

It is thought that See Pheung Kieow or Green Charming Wax, for which LP Thap is most famous, provides a signicant amount of the power for which this pim is most noted.  His sacred charming wax, was not just given to anyone. Devotees had to spend many nights at the temple just to obtain a small quantity, which was often hung around the neck prior to meeting a lover.

1st Blessing Ceremony

Luang Phor Taap blessed on Khao Phansa day

2nd Blessing Ceremony

Blessed at Wat Krabok by many famous monks of that era

Luang Phor Tim, Wat Lahnarai presided over the second blessing ceremony held at Wat Krabok. Amongst those present were many senior monks of the era including:

LP Tim, Wat Lahanrai
LP Hom, Wat SaakMaak
LP Yen Wat Bahnlaeng
LP Lat Wat Nong Grabok
LP Taap, Wat Nong Grabok

All remained in deep meditation from 6.00 pm until 2.00 am the following morning. Luang Phor Tim went on to bless these amulets by himself for a following 8 hours without a break, pouring ceremonial water over the amulets whilst reciting incantations to further increase the efficacy.

Luang Phor Thap
Wat Krabok

Luang Phor Thap, or Prakru Attakosol, was born in Rayong Province in B.E.2420 to the family of Mr.Uen Petnakorn and Mrs.Chim Petnakorn.

He enrolled in the military until the age of 24 when he turned to the Buddhist faith, and was ordained a monk by Prakru Samut Samarnkun, former abbot of Wat Parpradoo, Luang Phor Mark of Wat Natakwun, Luang Phor Ruam of Wat Banrang, who acted as Pra Upacha, Pra Karmavacharcharn, and Pra Anusavanacharn respectively.

Apart from Dharma, Luang Phor Thap studied sacred sciences under Prakru Samut Samarnkun, who himself was very famous for his sacred charming sciences and also highly respected by the locals of Rayong Province.

Five years after his ordination ceremony he travelled into the deep forests to practice higjher level meditation and it was here that he was to meet Luang Phor Tim of Wat Laharnrai, another famous monk of Rayong Province. They became close friends.

Luang Phor Thap also aquired knowledge of various sacred sciences from LP Mak and Charm Magic from LP Yao

See Pheung

See Pheung is probably the best known  examples of enchanted lip balm to have ever been created. It is made up of a secretive blend of ingredients chosen for the magical properties they imbue. The scarcity of the required ingredients and the complexity of the rituals and incantations tests a practitioner’s perseverance and makes the process very tedious. Luang Phor Thap’s See Phueng is famous for its Metta Mahaniyom. (kindness or respect shown to you by the people around you, including your superiors or colleagues) and Maha Sanae (charm)

Charming Wax LP Thap Wat Krabok

The Knowledge to create this wax was given to LP Thap by Kru Phu, a Ubon Ratchathani native, with whom he enrolled on bees wax course.  Th reality was that it was a course on the preparation and magic to create sacred powders such as , Patamang powder, Ittije powder and Trinisinghe powder. These powders were then combined with other powders to form pencils.  However the materials to create these pencils were exteremly rare and the collection of which required perseverance and patience as they comprised of many dozens of sacred plants.

The preparation of these materials also required a  rare wood with which to mix the honey, known as chicken sticks.   This rare wood  ” Kai Kook Wood ”  can actually be any kind of wood but it must be wood that a rooster pecks with his beak to trick a female into thinking he has found food , after ahew runs over to feed he then captures his  prize. This wood is considered  paranormal in so much it causes the female to run towards the male . The wood can only be used if the event is actually witnessed

If you are interested we can assist you in sourcing and purchasing a really great example of this Wat Krabok, BE 2505 Pra Somdej Pim Yai

Katha for Green Charming Wax

” Chitti Mitti Arahang Piyangmama ”

Use prayers as a mercy to find popularity. and praying when applying ointment to the mouth, when touching the ointment with a finger, say Namo 3, finish first, then pray the spell along with applying wax on the lips until the lips are finished

● How to use green bee wax, Reverend Father Thab
1. When going to see an elder or a person of rank, use your thumb to touch the wax on your lips.
2. When going to see people of the same age or servants, use the index finger to touch the wax on the mouth.
3. When going to see an elderly person or a widow, use the middle finger to touch the lip wax.
4. When going to see young women, use your ring finger to touch the wax on your lips.
5. When meeting younger people Use your little finger to tap the wax through your mouth.

If using Arathana ointment with you, set Namo 3 times.

” Ugasa sampati citta mitti arahang ”

The balm may be used to attract members of the opposite sex, but should only be used where justified, and responsibly. Using it as a tool to satisfy your libido, will quickly turn a compulsive flirt’s life to tragedy and misery.