Bia Gae LP Num Wat NangNai

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bia gae lp num wat nang nai angthong

Bia Gae LP Num Wat NangNai Angthong
เบี้ยแก้หลวงพ่อนุ่ม วัดนางใน จ.อ่างทอง

The Bia Gae (protective amulet) crafted by Luang Por Num of Wat Nang Nai Thammikaram in Wiset Chai Chan District, Ang Thong Province, is a revered artifact. This particular amulet is highly sought after.

Luang Por Num is celebrated as one of the most esteemed and influential monks in Ang Thong Province, alongside other notable figures such as Luang Por Pak of Wat Bost and Luang Por Kham of Wat Pho Plam.

Beliefs and Protective Qualities

The Bia Gae amulet is believed to possess strong protective powers. It is thought to shield its wearer from various forms of harm, including illnesses, malevolent spells, and other negative influences. Those who carry the amulet are believed to be safeguarded from dangers and misfortunes, with the amulet serving as a potent talisman for protection and well-being.

The Life and Legacy of Phra Upachaya Num Dhammaramo

Phra Upachaya Num Dhammaramo, born on August 15, BE 2426, was a year younger than his contemporary, Luang Por Pak. His father was named Son and his mother was named Jam, with the family name Sornkaewdara. He was born in Samjun village, Wang Nam Chai subdistrict, Si Prachan district, Suphanburi province.

Early Education and Ordination

At the age of 10, Num studied Thai and Khmer with Phra Athikan Puang, his elder brother, at Wat Samjun, near his home. Upon turning 20, he was ordained at Wat Plaina, Plaina subdistrict, Si Prachan district, Suphanburi, on April 1, BE 2446. His preceptor was Phra Khru Thammasarnraks (On), with Phra Palat Dee of Wat Poochao serving as the karmavachacarya and Phra Athikan Chang as the anusavanacarya. After ordination, he resided at Wat Samjun, studying the Dhamma and Vinaya.

In his eighth year as a monk, he moved to Wat Luang in Sarn Jao Rong Tor subdistrict to facilitate the construction of the ubosot at Wat Samjun. The local community, having great respect and faith in him, contributed generously, enabling the successful completion of the ubosot. Following the completion, he returned to Wat Samjun.

Leadership and Contributions

In BE 2459, he was appointed abbot of Wat Luang for ten years before moving to Wat Nang Nai Thammikaram in Sarn Jao Rong Tor subdistrict, Wiset Chai Chan district, in BE 2469. At that time, Wat Nang Nai was in disrepair, but under his leadership, the temple underwent significant renovations, transforming it into a beautiful and thriving place of worship. His efforts earned him the title of Phra Upachaya in BE 2477

During his 30-year tenure at Wat Nang Nai, he undertook numerous projects both within and outside the temple, leaving a lasting impact on the community. His leadership and dedication were instrumental in the temple’s prosperity.

lp num

Passing and Legacy

Phra Upachaya Num Dhammaramo passed away on August 13, 1954, at the age of 71, after 51 years in the monastic life. His contributions to the Buddhist community and his role in the restoration and development of Wat Nang Nai are remembered and celebrated.

Annual Celebrations

Every year, Wat Nang Nai hosts its annual festival during the Chinese New Year. This grand event attracts thousands of visitors, including many from Ang Thong province, who come to pay their respects and apply gold leaf to the statue of Phra Upachaya Num. The people of Ang Thong, especially those from Wiset Chai Chan, hold him in high regard, reflecting the profound respect and faith they have in his legacy.

Phra Upachaya Num Dhammaramo’s life and work continue to inspire and influence the community, maintaining his reputation as a revered monk and spiritual leader in the region.

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