Bia Gae – LP Kum Wat Bhothi-Plum

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biaga lp kum

Luang Phor Kum – Wat Bhothi Plum, Angthong

Wat Bhothi-plum, formely known as Wat Pai-Tong, is an ancient temple built in the Ayudhaya period

Though this temple had been governed by several abbots, the abbot that the temple is associated with is Luang Phor Kum. He created many kinds of sacred amulets such as Prasomdej , Pra Nue-wan, Takrut and Bia Gae.

Luang Phor Kum began to create his Bia Gae amulets in B.E.2493, Generally his Bia Gae amulets appeared similar to those of Luang Phor Rod, except they were not covered with embroidered strings. Most disciples covered their own amulets to increase durability.

Luang Phor Kum also inserted his Takrud amulets onto his Bia Gae almost identically to Luang Phor Puck, the only difference being that his Takrut amulets were made of copper whilst those of Luang Phor Puck were made of lead.

Luang Phor Kum was born in B.E.2432 to the family of Mr. Seng and Mrs. Tai, locals off Angtong province.In B.E.2452, aged 20 he was ordained as a Buddhist monk at Wat Bhothi-plum and dedicated his life to help develop the temple and to create sacred amulets

At the age of 72 on June 25th, B.E.2503, he passed away having served Buddhism and Buddhists for 52 years

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