Ajahn Kom Triwet– The Magician of Suphanburi

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Ajarn Kom Triwet – The Magician of Suphanburi
Asrom Baramee Por Gae


“Kom Chad Luek” gathered information about Secular Sorcerers from past to present It was found that in ancient times, there were not only monks who created sacred objects and talismans. In the legend of Jarn Ngern Jarn Thong, the words “hermit”, “priest” and “ascetic” are found. The chamber of Wat Phra Si Rattana Mahathat, the Tiger Cave, the chamber of Wat Khao Di Salak, Suphan Buri Province, including the Buddha Chinnarat Wat Phra Si Mahathat Worawihan, Phitsanulok Province. There is evidence to suggest that it took several days to make the cast which was unsuccessful. A white robed ascetic (white sheep – which probably comes from the root word Ta Pa Khao or a man wearing white clothes) assisted to complete the casting

There are also lay people who have created amulets and sacred objects in the past which are accepted. Good examples being,  Admiral Phra Chao Baromwongse. Krom Luang Chumphon Khet Udomsak, Ajarn Heng Praiwan, Ajarn Chum Chaikhiri, Khao Or office, Ajarn Nam Kaewchan, Khao Or office, Phatthalung province, Ajarn Plaek, Saphan Sung Temple, Ajarn Jek Minburi (Luang Pu Thong Wat Ratchayotha), Mo Noi and Mo. Plu, from Angthong

Ajahn Kom, also known as ‘Ajahn Nikom’, is considered the most Adept Master in Suphanburi Province  and one of the top Ten Lay Masters in Thailand. His Traditional Artisan style of making authentic charms and amulets, Bucha statues etc are all made by hand

Before becoming ordained Ajarn Kom began to practice woodcarving with his  Uncle Luan Pengsomya, of Ban Wang O, Thung Pho Thale, Kamphaeng Phet Province. He was the first teacher of Ajahn Kom. with whom he practiced until proficient.

With an interest in the science of superstition Ajahn Kom has studied with many monks and lay people including Reverend Father Tan of Wat Don Makluea famous for his incantation of  invulnerability .

Guman Thong Samsaphan – Ajahn Kom

B.E. 2529, at the age of 15, he decided to enter the umbrella of Ka Sawaphat, ordained at Phatthasima Wat Amphawanaram (Wat Bang Kung) while staying in the Buddhist Lent at Wut Thung Pam. He studied the wicha associated with snake venom spells and various other subjects from Master Nanphab. Then Father Nanphab took him to meet Ajahn Amorn Srimanoch, a Thai person of Burmese descent where he studied the superstition and sacred sciences of Burma including sacred candle talismans ( writing characters / akara on the mulberry paper) and the billionaire takrut which is a pure Burmese sacred sciences. Later he studied with Ajarn Kaew Ajarn Amorn Srimanoj, experienced at exorcising demons.

Reverend Father Put, Klang Bang Phra Temple, Nakhon Pathom Province, taught him many disciplines and in particular the creation and consecration of various amulets, such as the creation and consecration of Moonlight Krahu carved from a one-eyed shell, three-eyed shell, Mahaud shell, Wuathanu Tone, Bia Kae, Tone Takrut, Phaya To Maha Maha Nikhom. Phaya Chang Nalakiring Which is made from the skin of elephants. In addition herbal medicine and other knowledge in many fields

He also studied under Ajarn Khen and  Chui Wongsuwan,  skilled in the power of invulnerability, and the curse of destroying enemies. In addition, he also studied various scared sciences and disciplines  with Phra Kru Phisit Samanakan or Luang Pho Phon Punyakamo, the abbot of Wat Niwet Thammaram. (Wat Wang Yai Hun) Rua Yai Subdistrict, Mueang District, Suphan Buri Province, qnd  Phrakhru Chaiwongwutkun (Luang Pho Wong) of Prachawongsaram Temple, Krut Subdistrict, Phunphin District, Surat Thani Province

I’m not a magician. I am only a bridge that conveys knowledge and wisdom to those that will accept the sanctity enshrined in anything by way of ritual. ,”Aj. Kom said.

Ajahn Kom is widely known for his Guman Tong amuletss, Takrut and Jorakhae Akom Crocodile Charms,, He is also well known for sak yant (tattoos) which he has practiced since becoming a layperson, specializing in the wicha for protection against danger using  the sacred yant designs of Kruba Srivichai.

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